Review of House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones

House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones


House of Many Ways follows Charmain, a bookwormish girl whose sheltered upbringing is her downfall when she’s forced to house sit for a wizard uncle she doesn’t even know.

Charmain is unprepared for the house itself. But she is prepared for reading–and that makes her indispensable to the Wizard Howl, in this sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle.

She stood with her nose up, sniffing delightedly. It was the delicious mildew fragrance of old books.

House of Many Ways is the third book in the Howl’s Moving Castle series. Howl’s Moving Castle was one of the most influential books of my childhood. My battered paperback copy has been read and re-read at least a dozen times. Which is why I was so excited to pick up this third book for the very first time.


House of Many Ways feels like a classic fairytale, only better. Diana Wynne Jones’s storytelling is captivating. With a feisty heroine, strange magic and spells, lots of chaos, and cameos from my favorite HMC characters, House of Many Ways drew me in and made me fall in love with her writing all over again.

“They tell me it can be like that when elf blood goes sour, but I think it’s just people, really.”

House of Many Ways is full of beautiful descriptions, tense drama, hilarious humor and action-packed scenes, creating a tale full of whimsy that is unlike anything else you’ll ever encounter. While it reads very well on its own, readers will probably appreciate the cameos if they go back and read Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air first.

⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FIVE STARS
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