NaNoWriMo – Double-Up Day

Are you ready for Double-Up Day? NaNoWriMo hosts special events on Saturday to help increase donations for their non-profit work, but this is also a fantastic chance for you to do some serious damage to your word count.

How To Double-Up

nanoaverageWhat is your average word count? Why not challenge yourself a little and try to double it this weekend! If your average is 600 words, push yourself to do 1,200 on Saturday. Test limits. Be brave. Aim for the sky. Why? Because your story is worth it!

Here are some things that helped me through Double-Up Day last week:

  • Updating my word count regularly throughout the day helps me to visually see the impact of my progress.
  • I use Twitter to help encourage other writers and share my small victories. Just be sure to set a timer before jumping onto social media. It helps to curb the timewasting tendancies of this recovering procrastinator.
  • Using the Word Sprint Timer on the NaNoWriMo site has been a huge help (which is a huge surprise because I thought I would hate it). Doing 20 minute bursts of focused writing time has been more productive for me in the last few days than anything else I’ve tried. Give it a shot, you might find it just as helpful.
  • Living with other people can make it difficult to get some quiet time for writing, so I created a special NaNoWriMo sign for my door to signal when I am working. It’s not the same as a force field, but it still helps.
  • Maybe it’s just because I’m a procrastinator, but taking breaks between word sprints and allowing myself to relax really helps the writing go better. Spending fifteen minutes away from the computer, or scrolling through Pinterest before writing again gives me time to think about what should happen next. It’s a Saturday, after all! To prevent myself from going overboard on the chill time, I use the Word Sprint Timer Groups option, which allows me to set a countdown to the next sprint even if I’m just sprinting alone.

How about you? Do you have any tricks for doubling your productivity?


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