Show & Tell – NaNoWriMotivation


Just a reminder for those of you participating in NaNoWriMo that whether you’re averaging 320 words per day, or 3020, you don’t have to stress about word count. Every single word you write COUNTS because it’s getting you one step closer to telling your story.

Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to go and write?


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2 thoughts on “Show & Tell – NaNoWriMotivation

  1. I definitely feel better about myself now…lol…my favorite place to go and write is a busy cafe. Observing people really helps develop my characters and sometimes makes writing feel a little less lonely!


    1. Perspective is really important for writers… in their stories and in the creation of them! Keep up your own pace, it’s going to pay off.

      I love people watching, it should count as a hobby. A fun, non-creepy hobby. 😝


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