Show & Tell – Lettering


Our imagination takes us to wild and crazy places, introduces us to new ideas, and creates people, conversations, and maybe even entire worlds. But getting those from daydreams to words on paper is sometimes a little more difficult. Cultivating a good habit of writing, reading well-written books, and letting trusted friends read your work and critique it are some of the easiest ways to learn and grow so that the stories in your head can someday be books in someone’s hands.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite piece of writing advice?


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2 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Lettering

  1. I believe it was William Faulkner that said to read everything – I think that a great piece of advice for any writer is to read a lot. Faulkner just added the idea that you should explore genres, read great writing and terrible writing, and explore literature. I really like that!


    1. That’s a great piece of advice! It’s maybe not so obvious that we should be experiencing different kinds of writing, but it does give our brain some new material to work with… perhaps I should be more intentional with that this year. 😛


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