Show & Tell – Natalie Lloyd


Mom couldn’t wait for me to read A Snicker of Magic. She had dozens of sticky note tabs, shaped like kittens, peeking through the pages. Lots of quotes and lines that she’d be typing up later for her own blog post. She had to collect her kitties before I could take my turn. I understood why she loved it within the first few pages. Beautiful words, wise observations, plenty of truth. I fell in love for myself with a story about good deeds, magical ice cream, and a place that felt like home.

I couldn’t wait to read The Key to Extraordinary. Mom had first dibs, of course. I wondered if this second story from Natalie Lloyd would be everything I loved about the first. It was even better. Ghosts, destiny, combat boots, dancing on stars, peach and lavender muffins… it quickly climbed to Favorite Book status.

Today is the release day for The Problim Children. A book birthday, if you will. I’m waiting for the mail to come and deliver my fresh new copy. Based on the illustration of a quirky old house on the cover, I already know I’m going to love it. If you need me, I’ll be sitting on the front step until the mail comes. I have first dibs this time.

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