Book Review – Finding Serendipity

Banks, Angela - Finding Serentipity Tuesday McGillycuddy has a wonderful secret. Her mother is actually the famous author, Serendipity Smith! When Serendipity goes missing, Tuesday and her dog Baxterr decide to investigate. Drawn into a magical world just for writers, Tuesday tries to track down any clues to her mother’s location before anyone realizes that she’s not actually a writer.

When children at school talked about the Vivienne Small books, Tuesday never said “My mom wrote them,” even though she sometimes felt she would burst with the effort of keeping it a secret.

Perfect for young creatives, Finding Serendipity blends elements of classic fantasy literature like The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, creating a world specially-crafted for writers and wordsmiths. As the daughter of an author, I could relate to Tuesday’s relationship with her mom in a really personal way and loved the little details sprinkled inside that give insight to what it’s like to live with a writer.

The power of the imagination is a magnificent thing. Here, whatever you imagine, you can make real.

I would highly recommend this to young readers interested in writing. Finding Serendipity illustrates the importance of imagination and sticktoitiveness in a fun and fantastical way that will undoubtedly fuel imaginations and encourage them to discover a story with lift.


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