Book Review – Keeper

Appelt, Kathi - KeeperWith a blue moon approaching, the promise of family traditions, natural wonders, and happy changes fill Keeper with anticipation. Until she goes and ruins everything. To make everything right again, Keeper sets out to make an important wish to Yemaya, the Big Mama of the ocean.

Wishes. Before today, Keeper had made plenty of wishes, like wishes on falling stars and wishes on rainbows and wishes on wishbones, all kinds of small wishes, like for Hershey’s Kisses with almonds and tie-dyed shoelaces. But now she needed a big wish, a giant wish.

Through a series of flashbacks and memories, Keeper weaves a story that skillfully gives you a sense of history and builds to a big picture. Simple and poetic language, wonder and wondering, love, loss, longing, and a strong message of family give Keeper a timeless quality that will appeal to patient readers who enjoy something more slow-paced and heartfelt.

Her fingers traced the knobby outlines of her kneecaps. She had studied her knees a million times. Mermaids did not have knees. Keeper did. Her knees were right there.

While I enjoyed Keeper immensely, I’ll admit it’s not for everyone. Adult characters steal much of the spotlight, and the slower pace and non-linear style isn’t going to appeal to reluctant readers. I’d recommend Keeper to fans of Melanie Crowder’s A Nearer Moon, the TV show Steven Universe, and mermaid fanatics.


⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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