Book Review – Feathers

Woodson, Jacqueline - FeathersThe winter of 1971 is a season of changes and growing pains for Frannie Wright-Barnes. Everything becomes complicated when a white boy transfers to her class, bringing in his wake a series of questions about hope, belonging, what she really believes in.

And then, just before the lunch bell rang, he walked into the classroom. Stepped through that door white and softly as the snow.

Feathers is a masterfully written coming-of-age style story. I can see why it received a Newberry Honor. Earnest questions and frustrations are laid bare in childlike confidence as eleven-year-old Frannie navigates her changing world. Her unique experiences are taken in stride, opening up a window through which we can see her everyday life, appreciating and learning from what she takes for granted.

I flinched a little bit. It was no good when people said things like you deaf or something. My brother was deaf and deaf was something.

Many of the questions that are raised in Feathers are left unanswered, making this a great conversation starter for topics like faith, bullying, discrimination, disabilities, and showing kindness.


⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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