Book Review – The Crystal Tree

DjeRALuUYAEvyKRBriar’s efforts to rebuild her life shatter when a dangerous group of magicians arrive in Osman, bringing nothing but trouble and taking Briar’s sister, Ava, with them. Left with nothing, Briar chases down the Nameless Ones with the aid of some mysterious travelers and her own meager magic in a reckless attempt to save her family.

Briar squared her shoulders. There wasn’t really a choice here. If the soldiers couldn’t do anything to help her, then she was just going to have to go after Ava herself.

With everything from narrow escapes, musical magic, and misguided misadventures The Crystal Tree pays homage to everything you love about classic fantasy, setting a steady pace and giving a great first impression for the series. While The Crystal Tree explores some perilous situations, the telling remains lighthearted and hopeful, making this an enjoyable read that’s easy to recommend to readers of all ages.

Every person had one, a song that embodied their soul. Each was unique, and only soul singers, like her and the other novices preparing their healings around her, could hear, let alone sing them.

If you like traveling stories, friend/family relationships, elemental magic, and music, you’ll enjoy The Crystal Tree!


⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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Read as a part of Megan Tennant’s #Indiecember challenge. Want to play along? Check out the rules and download a board of your own.

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