Book Review – The Emperor’s Ostrich

Berry, Julie - Emperor's OstrichResponsible dairy maid, Begonia, sets out to retrieve a runaway cow. The fussy to-be-emperor disappears without a trace from his bedchamber. But these two disconnected events might not be as unrelated as they seem. Guided by unexpected friendships, flighty pets, magical gifts, and the hand of the ancestors, a simple chore becomes the twisting adventure of a lifetime.

It was the kind of fresh, sparkly morning that might make a young girl forget the milk oozing over her scalp and the ache in her bottom.

The Emperor’s Ostrich spins out like an oldschool fairy tale, updated with lavish settings, lighthearted humor, and colorful, memorable characters. I enjoyed the tangled-up adventure and thoughtful descriptions. I’d recommend this one to fans of Disney movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and oldschool fairy tales.

A father ostrich’s protectiveness now surged through him. He rose and spread his sheltering wings. He was ready to run and, if need be, fight.

That being said, I had a several minor quibbles that kept pulling me out of the story. While well-told, I felt that the pieces did not quite come together as a cohesive whole. I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t give it a higher rating.


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