Book Review – A Light in the Storm

Hesse, Karen - A Light in the Storm The Martins take refuge in a lighthouse off the East coast after Amelia’s father is stripped of his title and career. Tension between her parents, whose political views differ to the extreme, put a heavy strain on Amelia as she works to keep the lighthouse running and her family together.

With the Civil War in the backdrop, A Light in the Storm explores the strained relationships in states separating the North and South. As I find with a lot of the Dear America books, this fictional diary is sobering and bittersweet. Amelia’s heartbreaking struggle to keep the peace in her own family is tempered with her desire for justice, the loving relationship she shares with her uncle, and an admirable streak of ambition.
A Light in the Storm includes bonus material in the back with supplementary information about Civil War era America, President Lincoln’s decisions regarding the war, and the lighthouses of Fenwick Island.

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