Book Review – Island of the Aunts

Ibbotson, Eva - Island of the Aunts When Etta, Coral, and Myrtle come to the realization that they need help taking care of their magical island home, they set off to kidnap some children to train in for the job. Minette and Fabio are deemed worthy of the task, but the aunts’ plot doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Island of the Aunts is a quirky classic featuring eccentric islanders who refuse to shave, magical marine creatures from a variety of legends and myths, and children searching for someplace better. While the magical island and its inhabitants suggest a lighthearted and whimsical story, there’s a surprisingly grim/serious undertone (which you see in a lot of classics, honestly).

While mostly meant to be ridiculous, there are some surprising themes that crop up (several varieties of abuse, inattentive parents, frowned-upon interracial marriage, mortality, and the idiocy of “most children”). A lot will probably go over younger reader’s heads, but sensitive parents might want to proof-read.

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