Enamel Pins for Bookworms

From showy shoes to eccentric eyewear, I’m a huge fan of using clothes and accessories to express myself. And as a collector, I’m always looking for shiny things to hoard. Currently, I’m obsessed with enamel pins. They’re easy to store, packed with personality, and fairly inexpensive.

Enamel Pins for Bookworms

Whether you’re looking to add to your own collection, or seeking out the perfect gift for your bookish buddies, here are 15 designs that are simply divine!


1. A Good Book is Always Too Short from Ectogasm

Pin: A Good Book is Always Too Short

Inspired by a classic quote from Jane Austen, this sentiment is shared by many the avid reader regardless of genre preference.


2. Book Lovers Anonymous from ReadandWonder

Pin: Book Lovers Anonymous

Are you addicted to reading? No need to bury your nose in solitude. We’ll be there for you.


3. Bookish from The Literary Gift Company

Pin: Bookish

We’re just calling it like we see it.


4. Hand Drawn Books & Mug from Rather Keen

Pin: White & Gold Book and Mug

There’s nothing better to a bookworm than a hot cuppa and a book, and this cute design is the epitome of hygge.


5. Book Lovers Club from The Clever Clove

Pin: Lifetime Member of the Book Lovers Club

If you like reading so much, why not join the club?


6. Happy Book by Judiee

Pin: Smiley Book

All the books on your shelf should make you feel as happy as this pin looks.


7. I Heart Reading from Jubly-Umph


With this design, wear your heart on your lapel. You might want to have a few recommendations at the ready, though!


8. Tell Me What You’re Reading from Book/Shop

Pin: Tell Me What You're Reading

The perfect icebreaker for book club, bookstagram, or a trip to the bookstore! But seriously, give me an answer.


9. Book Mobile from Rather Keen

Pin: Book Mobile

For on-the-go readers, or friends who are always loaning out their personal library, this is a must-have!


10. When In Doubt from The NYPL

Pin: When in Doubt, Go to the Library

The perfect present for all the librarians and library-goers in your life, this quote from Harry Potter‘s own Hermione Granger is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


11. Sorry, I’m Booked from Rather Keen

Pin: Sorry, I'm Booked

If you’re tired, introverted, and sick of making up excuses, why not let your accessories do the talking for you!


12. Tea & Book Lovers from Infinite and Darling

Pin: Tea cup and a stack of blue books

I think this is the perfect pick for friends who are as passionate about their tea as the accompanying book.


13. Book Lover from Fable & Black

Pin: Book Lover

I guarantee this pretty pin is going to receive a lot of compliments.


14. Just One More Chapter from Literary Emporium

Pin: Just One More Chapter

Inspired by literary classics, this retro design would be a thoughtful gift for nostalgic bookworms.


15. Book Lover from Dreamy & Co.

Pin: Book Lover

Colorful and classy, this pin is designed to put smiles on faces–whether it’s on your jacket lapel or Instagram feed.


*Please note, all photographs in this blog post were taken from the sellers websites.

Which pin is your favorite? Are there any you would add to the collection?

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