Book Review – The Classy Crooks Club

Cherry, Alison - Classy Crooks Club Spending four weeks at Grandma Jo’s house is going to be torture. AJ is everything her strict and proper grandmother can’t stand; athletic, adventurous, and unrefined. But when AJ discovers that Grandma Jo’s bridge club is just a front, her summer takes an unexpectedly interesting turn.

“A lady strives for perfection. What’s the point of doing anything unless you do it as well as you possibly can?”

The Classy Crooks Club has just about everything you could want from a book. Blending action/adventure themes seamlessly with a family/friendship story. Surprisingly heartwarming, The Classy Crooks Club explores teen troubles, unbelievable adventure, familial love and first crushes, and drama between friends and rivals alike. I especially appreciated the variety of ways that The Classy Crooks club showcased strong women.


When you’ve been best friends with someone your whole life, you can’t avoid them just because you’re uncomfortable.

An excellent adventure for fans of danger, drama, and dysfunctional families, I highly recommend The Classy Crooks Club to anyone craving unpredictable adventure with a wholesome twist.


⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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