10 Gifts for Your D&D Party

You’ve survived the highest of stakes to the lowest of die rolls with your tabletop teammates, and this is the perfect time of year to show them a little extra love.

10 Gift Ideas for Your D&D Party

Unsure where to find fine fantasy fare? Looking for a worthy bribe for the DM? Got stuck shopping for your nerdy nephew in this year’s gift exchange? Allow me to show you some merchandise that might fit the bill.

1. Nekomancer T-Shirt from Illustrata

T-shirt featuring artwork by Ilustrata depicting a cat necromancer raising kittens from the dead with dark magic

For that friend who can raise the dead, keep up with current anime, and still have time for a ball of yarn at the end of the day.


2. Critical Hit Enamel Pin from Dark Spark Decals

Enamel pin with a D20 with angel wings
*photo by me

No D&D party would be complete without that lucky duck who can always roll a critical hit when you need it the most. Who says luck isn’t a skill?


3. Dungeons Box Dice Vault from Dungeon Co.

Photo featuring a wooden box with compartments for D&D dice, a figurine, and a pencil.

If your party likes to play on the go, these classy cases are the perfect way to travel in style and stay organized.


4. Quiddie Dice Set from Dice Envy

Polyhedral dice set in purple & iridescent metal

If you need a gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit, nothing’s more satisfying than the heft and beauty of metal dice. This purple/iridescent set would be a fine addition to a collector’s hoard.


5. Fish Skin Leather Notebook from GoldFishBox

leather notebook made with green salmon skin

Your DM is going to seem especially dangerous making notes in this handcrafted notebook. Dragons beware!


6. I’m Not Clumsy, T-Shirt from Look Human

T-Shirt: "I'm not clumsy, I just failed my dexterity check".

That person who’s always dropping their dice on the floor. Let’s be honest, they had this one coming. In unrelated news, I just bought a new t-shirt…


7. Class Emblem Enamel Pins from DozieDemos

enamel pins featuring artwork representing the 12 core classes from D&D

Looking to treat your whole D&D group? These artsy pins mean there’s something unique for everyone at the table!


8. Custom Miniatures from Hero Forge

D&D miniature figurines

Looking for something that will drop jaws and blow minds? Create completely customized figurines for your party and don’t forget to film a reaction video.


9. Don’t Be a Murder Hobo Sticker from Storymakers Trading Co.

Sticker: "don't be a murder hobo" cross stitch

Sure, we could do anything. Make friends. Seek allies. Keep a bunch of crazy fantasy pets. Or, alternately, we could just kill everything. Just sayin’.


10. Critical Role DnD Zipper Pouch from BrightShaw

D&D themed pouch with custom art: "how do you want to do this?"

Find the hidden Critical Role references and keep your stuff safe in this extra-large, extra-gorgeous art tote.


*Photographs in this blog post were taken from the sellers websites unless otherwise noted.

Do you play D&D? Which of these gifts would you be the most excited to receive?

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