20 Questions About Tea

In a recent blog post by S. M. Metzler, she claimed “not even I have twenty questions about tea”, which, of course, I took as a challenge. Although I’m still a tea-drinking newbie, an outing to a real-live tea shop has gotten my brain wired on hot beverages.

20 Questions About Tea

Are you an avid tea drinker? Then perhaps you can help me out and answer these twenty questions.

20 Questions About Tea:

  1. Are you a big tea drinker?
  2. What is tea?
  3. When should I drink tea?
  4. Is tea expensive?
  5. Where do you get good tea?
  6. How do I make my own tea?
  7. How do you take your tea?
  8. Is there such a thing as bad tea?
  9. Is tea better hot or cold?
  10. Have you had your fortune read via tea leaves?
  11. Does tea keep you awake?
  12. How do you throw a tea party?
  13. Where did you learn about tea?
  14. What kinds of tea would you like to try?
  15. Does tea drinking count as a hobby?
  16. What does tea pair well with?
  17. Is it dangerous to drink tea?
  18. Do you have a tea-drinking hero or role model?
  19. What’s the most unusual tea you’ve drunk?
  20. How many tea cups do you own?


Do You Have All the Answers?

Feel free to answer all 20 questions in a blog post of your own. Just be sure to:

  • Link back to this post and credit me.
  • Feel free to use the graphic below.
  • Send me a link to your post so I can give it a read!
  • Have fun!


20 Questions About Tea graphic for social media

(click to download)

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