Which D&D Class Are You?

I love a personality quiz as much as the next person, so I decided to try and make one of my own!

Which D&D Class Are You?

Are any of the following D&D classes a perfect fit for your personality?



  • wants to see the world
  • earthy colors
  • “practice makes perfect”
  • friends are family
  • short hair, don’t care



  • wants to make some noise
  • team colors
  • “winning is everything”
  • makes everything a party
  • likes nice shoes



  • wants to be invited
  • dark colors
  • “don’t overthink it”
  • somehow always right
  • colors their hair



  • wants to be off the grid
  • warm colors
  • “silence is golden”
  • hopeless romantic
  • layered sweaters




  • wants to be outdoors
  • sky blue everything
  • “in with the good air”
  • multi-pet parent
  • no body piercings


  • wants to get good grades
  • likes shiny things
  • “never say never”
  • optimistic to a fault
  • always wears a hat



  • wants to be a good influence
  • one signature color
  • “look before you leap”
  • naps are essential
  • meaningful tattoos



  • wants to be famous
  • can’t pick a favorite color
  • “just be yourself”
  • has a song stuck in their head
  • graphic t-shirts




  • wants to be the best
  • primary colors
  • “do whatever it takes”
  • always plans in advance
  • pierced ears



  • wants to stay home
  • cool colors
  • “small steps every day”
  • skills come naturally
  • pendant necklace



  • wants to make it better
  • light colors
  • “do what is right”
  • can be brutally honest
  • combat boots


The Dungeon Master

  • wants to be in charge
  • secondary colors
  • “think outside the box”
  • teasing is affection
  • pockets



Which class/es are a good match? Tag yourself in the comments!


Want to share on social media? Download the full-sized graphic here.


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