#Drinktober2020: A Daily Drawing Challenge

Drinktober: a 31-day Drawing Challenge

There’s something about autumn that gets my creative juices flowing. Inspired by the popular daily drawing challenge, Inktober, I’ve created my own set of themes related to beverages.


During the month of October, create beverage-related artwork or sketches inspired by the daily prompt. Share your progress with the hashtag #Drinktober2020 to participate.

October 2020 Prompt Menu. Includes themes listed below the graphic. Text at the bottom of the graphic reads "create art featuring beverages inspired by the daily prompt and post using the hashtag #Drinktober2020 to participate. Any skill level, art style, or medium is welcome." Hosted by @ElzaKinde. #Drinktober2020

Prompt Menu:

  1. Straw
  2. Dynamic Duo
  3. Carton
  4. Glass
  5. Bubble
  6. Favorite Flavor
  7. Spill
  8. To Go
  9. Special Occasion
  10. A La Mode
  11. Drink Me
  12. Steep
  13. Bottle
  14. Citrus
  15. Latte Art
  16. Pick Your Poison
  17. Colorful
  18. Pour
  19. Clear
  20. Handle
  21. Label
  22. Good Morning
  23. For Two
  24. Topping
  25. Iced
  26. Blended
  27. Dunk
  28. Sparkle
  29. Steam
  30. Brew
  31. Seasonal

My artwork for this challenge will be posted on Ko-Fi. Be sure to follow me for daily updates!

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