September 2020 Recap

It feels as though September was in constant motion. To Do lists to conquer, deadlines to meet, things to create, and plans to be made. I love staying busy, but sometimes it means having a little less to say here.

September 2020 Recap: Snapshots & Joining the Staff

Welcome to My Life

My weekly productivity crawls on Twitter have been a blast. Every Wednesday, I share tidbits about my work from home lifestyle. It’s been a great way to get stuff done and be social with my friends and followers. Check out #WorkWithElza to see what you’re missing, and maybe join me next time!

A photograph with a desk calendar for September 2020, matching notebook, and colorful markers

Do you work from home?

I’m Booked

After all the big talk last month about the PILES of books I was planning to read (I really should know better), I ended up being too busy to finish any books… I can brag on getting halfway through the 100 Cupboards audiobook, but that’s about it.

As they say, when you don’t have time to read books, take pictures of them! My need to do something with the giant TBR pile was channeled into some really fun photos for Middle Grade Carousel. Can you guess what our theme was?

How do you fit reading into your busy schedule?

On Task

I’m thrilled to officially be part of the WriteOnCon team! This online writing conference has helped me make new friends, bettered my writing skills, and pushed me to try new and exciting things. Being on staff means I get to help make it awesome, and it’s so much fun.

If you want in on all the fun things we’re planning, I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter!

Have you ever attended a writing conference?

Watching Me Watching You

If you’ve seen any of my #WorkWithElza posts, you already know I watch a fair amount of TV while I work. While my other hobbies and side hustles have had to take a back seat, my streaming has stayed fairly steady. A few highlights from September include:

  • Glow Up S2
  • Aggretsuko S3
  • K-On!
  • Hidden Potential

How was your September?

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