October 2020 Recap

October is always a busy time of year for me. There’s something celebratory in the air that pushes me to try new things and challenge my creativity. Let’s look back on what was accomplished, shall we?

October 2020 Recap: Art, Events, Spooky Books, & UPdates

I’ll Drink to That

Creating a beverage-themed art challenge got me a set of cute illustrations and a renewed sense of confidence in my artistic capabilities. Although I didn’t complete all 31 prompts, I’d say the exercise a huge success. I’d like to continue doing projects like this so I can continue to make fun things and further improve my digital painting skills!

Check out all my illustrations for #Drinktober2020 on Ko-fi!

Artist Alley

Being a big fan of independent artists and small business, I was thrilled to participate in the #virtuAAL2020 online artist alley. BumbleBess.com was featured in the event’s digital directory alongside other creatives and I had a fantastic time shopping and adding new shops to my Indie Merch list on Twitter.

I purchased several unique and humorous items which will undoubtedly be featured in photographs sooner than later.

What are your favorite indie shops?

New and Improved

In preparation for the fresh traffic to BumbleBess.com, I made some improvements to the website. I’m especially pleased to add a blog-newsletter hybrid, which will keep followers up-to-date on sale info, shop updates, and other interesting things. Be sure you’re following for forthcoming November news!

What kinds of products would you like to see from BumbleBess in the future?

Late Night Reading

I hosted a reading event via Twitter on Halloween night with themed games and discussion questions based on Horror tropes and classic monsters. #ReadIfYouDare2020 was another October success story. I had a fantastic time, and will be looking for excuses to do something similar in the near future!

What did you do for Halloween?

How did you spend your October?

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