10 Things I Want for Christmas

It’s that special time of year when gift guides and wish lists start to appear. There are tons of awesome ideas for bookish besties, resident activists, or bakers in training beginning to circulate the internet.

10 Things I Want for Christmas: Elza's 2020 Wish List

Much as I enjoy the challenge of finding amazing gifts for other people, I felt inspired to create something more personal this year. Instead of listing gifts by interests or categories, I decided to share ten amazing items I’d be thrilled to receive.

1. French Press Typographic Print from Department of Brewology

French Press typographic print from Department of Brewology

I’m your typical coffee-fueled creative type with strong opinions about design and hot drinks. This gorgeous poster combines at least five of my favorite things. Forget the coffee nook, this one’s going on the gallery wall!

2. Cone of Shame: Loch Ness Monster Pin from KikiDoodle

Loch Ness enamel pin from the Cone of Shame series by KikiDoodle

I’ve always loved collecting things, and enamel pins are one of my recent obsessions. They’re small, make great accessories, and can be a fun and wearable icebreaker. Any of the cute and clever Cone of Shame cryptid pins would be a welcome addition, but Nessie is a personal fave.

3. Summer Pusheen Plush from Pusheen

Pusheen plush with sunglasses and an inner tube

My current Pusheen collection is mainly keychains and t-shirts, so this “too cool for the pool” plush would really make a splash! Don’t worry about being off-season. It’s summer somewhere out there.

4. I Still Read Children’s Books T-Shirt from LiqueTees

"I Still Read Children's Books" t-shirt from LiqueTees

If you hadn’t caught on yet, I’m very in touch with my inner child. As an avid reader of Middle Grade fiction (ages 8-12), this t-shirt would be a fitting and fabulous gift. Our local children’s librarian would be so jealous…

5. Non-Romanceable NPC Pin from Azure Verie

Non Romanceable NPC enamel pin by Azure Verie

Being aggressively unavailable, this subtle and humorous RPG-inspired design is just the kind of accessory I’d be proud to wear as I go about my busy day of pacing back and forth in the street. We can’t all be heroes, friend.

6. Mini Wave Studies from Nicole Gustafsson

Set of four art prints featuring ocean waves by Nicole Gusafsson

Art is my weakness. I especially love adding pieces from artists I’ve followed for a long time. These wave studies have caught my eye time and time again in my Instagram feed, and would look amazing with some other prints I currently own.

7. Floral Tea Dragon Pin Set from Katie O’Neill

enamel pins featuring the Jasmine, Hibiscus, and Chamomile dragons from The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill

The Tea Dragon Society is one of my favorite graphic novels for its peaceful ambiance, detailed artwork, and adorable dragon designs. If I can’t have a tea dragon of my own, these sweet pins make an excellent consolation prize.

8. Day of the Dead Umbreon Sticker from PopMuertos

Mockup of a Pokemon sticker from PopMuertos featuring Umbreon with a day of the dead sugar skull design

Speaking of adorable and collectable creatures, nothing beats Pokémon’s Eeveelutions. My personal favorite is Umbreon, which, combined with the colors and festivity of the Mexican holiday, I find completely irresistible. This sticker would look great on my water bottle.

9. Consequences Coffee Mug from Quotable

Humorous mug design with the quote "Well, well, well. If it isn't the consequences of my own actions." from Quotable.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? Between my ironic sense of humor and uncanny ability to get myself into weird scenarios, this mug would truly be the gift that keeps on giving in terms of levity.  

10. Howl and Sophie Print from Ibon

Art print from the artist Ibon features Howl Pendragon and Sophie Hatter from the Studio Ghibli film Howl's Moving Castle.

All people, even the aggressively unavailable ones, have their OTP. Mine is Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. This artist has a really lovely, storybook-esque style that I find oh-so charming. I’d be proud to add any of their HMC pieces to my collection.

I hope this list can help you think beyond the categories and find a great gift that celebrates your loved one’s unique point of view, sense of style, need for cute collectables, or whatever else it is that makes them so one-of-a-kind and amazing!

*Please note, all photographs in this blog post were taken from the sellers websites.

What kinds of gifts would you love to receive this year?

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