November 2020 Recap

Sometimes we plan, plot, schedule, and set goals… only to realize life is heading in the opposite direction. In times like these, it’s tempting to sit back and feel sorry about all the undone things on last month’s To Do. Instead, I add them to the list. I can still feel accomplished for a job well done, even if it’s not what I had in mind!

November 2020 Recap: Thinking Big, Shopping Small, and Being Festive

Prompt and Ceremony

In honor of NaNoWriMo this year, I created a series of writing prompts. It was a lot of fun to brainstorm and create a set of themes that would be appropriate for writers of different target ages, genres, and styles.

Do you enjoy using writing prompts?

‘Tis the Season

I was so pleased with my illustrations from #Drinktober2020 that I decided to turn a few of the pieces into holiday cards! The cheery collection includes six original designs, and is the very first product I’ve added to the shop that features my illustration. Yay, milestones!

What’s your favorite seasonal drink?

Small is Huge

To help promote small businesses and encourage community amongst the creators who run them, I created a thread during Thanksgiving week. If you’re struggling to find unique gifts and fun stocking stuffers online, this is a great place to discover that special something.

Which indie creators and small businesses do you love?

Making a List

I happen to LOVE shopping, but I know it can be stressful. To help those of you who aren’t a fan of trying to find the perfect present, I’ve created a few gift guides and blog posts to help you out!

Gift Guides: Visit for great gift ideas for your bookish friends.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

How did you spend your November?

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