December 2020 Recap

December is my month of preparation. Everything lingering on the To Do list gets reassessed, rescheduled, or tossed into the reject pile, leaving me with a clean slate and a shiny new set of goals for the new year. I also take some time to reflect on accomplishments, using that as fuel to take on fresh challenges. And I celebrate, because what’s the point if you can’t kick back, have some sweets, and splurge on gifts for the people you love once in a while?

Special Guest

I was thrilled to add my voice to WriteOnCon’s newsletter with a few guest posts. Go back through the archive to enjoy my contributions to-date, sign up for future updates, and maybe buy yourself a ticket to February’s conference!

What’s your favorite season?

Christmas Cards

I wanted to spread a little extra cheer to people from my home to theirs with these sparkly holiday cards. These are miniature versions of the Holly Stemwear design from my shop, and they proved to be just the thing to make this Christmas feel special!

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It’s a Figure of Speech

I dropped a brand new set of designs at in December, featuring original quotes from yours truly. These were a blast to create, and I’m so pleased to share them with the rest of the word-nerdy world.

Find more of my designs at!

Music to My Ears

I got to design the album artwork for a Christmas single that my dad and brother created this year. I love being part of a creative family!

How did you spend your December?

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