February & March 2021 Recap

February & March 2021 Recap: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

There are times in life when every square on the calendar is filled, every scrap of paper in sight is scribbled with To Do lists, and the only thing keeping you going is the series of alarms on your phone that tell you to eat at regular intervals. These are the times when a little Spring Cleaning: Personal Schedule Edition is in order. Refine, rethink, remove. Even a few small changes can make the whole world feel new.

February & March 2021 Recap: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

In Conference

I had a fantastic time at WriteOnCon‘s 2021 conference in February. Hanging out on their official Discord server with fellow writers, contributing a guest blog post inspired by my bout of writer’s burnout last year, learning and being encouraged by authors I admire. It felt SO good to be part of a big group of like-minded people, even if we weren’t all together in the same space.

Have you been to an online conference before?

Look at the Big Blog on You!

This March I passed an exciting milestone here at ElzaKinde.com by reaching 300+ blog followers! My goal of creating a happy space for fellow artists, writers, and word-lovers has been slow but steady, and seeing it grow makes me oh-so proud. Celebratory things are planned for mid-April, so stay tuned for event-related news in the near future.

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To Read, or Not to Read

My grand plans for getting more reading time into my schedule has fueled me to make an effort with my TBR. Adding more audiobook reading and using spare moments to fit in a chapter or two is slow and steady progress in the right direction, and I’m pleased to say I’m nearly to my initial goal of 10 books.

February – March Reads:

My final card for Bit About Books’s Winter Reading Challenge looks like this:

Personal Choice: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
Published in 2021: All You Knead is Love by Tanya Guerrero
Set in a Different Country: The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud
Award Winner: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Name in the Title: The Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman
Two Books by the Same Author: Savvy & Scumble by Ingrid Law

Total Score: 110 points

(graphics are taken from Bit About Books)

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March is a fantastic time to celebrate all things Middle Grade thanks to @MGBookVillage putting on their annual hashtag game. Being able to add to the conversation, discover new titles, and enjoy books with a bunch of readers was a whole lot of fun!

What annual social media events do you most look forward to?

What are your most memorable March moments?

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