Book Review: The Evil Wizard Smallbone

Book Review
The Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman

The Evil Wizard Smallbone

Delia Sherman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nick didn’t believe in wizards, evil or otherwise. Not in the real world, and certainly not in Maine.

Plot & Premise

Taking up temporary shelter at Evil Wizard Books during a terrible snowstorm turns to regret when runaway Nick finds he cannot leave. His new job as Smallbone’s apprentice turns out to be more of a cleaning job than an education, so Nick takes it upon himself to suss out the wizard’s secrets and, perhaps, gain some magical mastery on his own.

Things to Love

~the motorcycle gang
~E-Z Spelz for Little Wizardz
~Smallbone Cove
~an ancient rivalry

Personal Thoughts

Evil Wizard Smallbone embodies the timeless intrigue of a classic–bringing out, dusting off, and breathing new life into something quite familiar. This hero’s journey meets magician’s apprentice story has every hallmark of an unforgettable adventure. Sentient libraries, loup-garou, lovable-if-unlikable characters, quirky coastal Maine, and magic rituals make this an excellent choice for a chilly winter afternoon.

Content Warning: After his mother’s death, Nick is left in the care of an abusive uncle and bully of a cousin. Their presence in the novel is not gratuitous, but may be unsettling for readers who are sensitive to this dynamic.

Ideal Readership

Any reader with a taste for folklore, offbeat characters, and sleepy smalltown settings will find The Evil Wizard Smallbone an enchanting escape and an instant favorite.

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