Summer 2021 Recap

Summer 2021 Recap: Style, Stories, and Staying Cool

Hello, friends! Summer is my very favorite season, so it feels fitting to gather all of my highlights from June, July, and August in one place. Curious what I’ve been doing to beat the heat? Here’s your moment of enlightenment.


I’ve always been a fan of working with a theme, so when I realized my new ‘do was a dead match for the main character in a graphic novel I recently devoured, I HAD to do something cute for the camera. #WhoWoreItBest

Have you ever dressed up like a book character?

Word Collector: Ego Edition

I jumped on a game in which mutuals on Twitter were requested to describe yours truly in a single word. As a word nerd, how could I resist? I think the gang came through with these excellent offerings:

  • Original
  • Creative
  • Polished
  • Inimitable
  • Bright

What word would you use to describe me? Share in the comments!

Coming Soon?

I’ve been hankering to do another Q&A style post, so plans are coming together for one this autumn! If you’ve got questions on the brain, this is the time to ask!

Make sure you’re a follower of my blog so you don’t miss out!

Summer Bookings

A strong cup of cold brew coffee and a cozy air-conditioned corner makes for some excellent afternoon reading time! I’ve had great luck finding fun books to read, and have truly enjoyed adding more audiobook reading to my routine.

June – August Reading:

What was your favorite read this summer?

What’s the most interesting thing that happened for you this summer?

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