September 2021 Recap

It’s always surprising how much can sneak into a month when my attention is on other things. Between the deadlines and distractions, I’m really amazed to look back and see details I had overlooked at the time. Ready for a recap?

Change is a Challenge

While I love the feeling of crossing the finish line of summer and entering autumn, a transitional moment is full of awkwardness and humor. Sleeves, or no sleeves? Extra blanket on the bed, or is it #TooSoon? Hot drinks, or iced? These are the important issues I currently face.

What’s the most awkward thing about adjusting from summer to autumn for you?

Read to Win

I was finally able to update my reading goal in September, and was delighted to learn I’m up to 50 total books for the year. I shared a fresh list of titles I’d love to get through before 2021 is over, and am making progress through the pile as we speak. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that scaling goal go up again before too long.

10 Middle Grade Books I Want to Read in 2021

How many books have you read this year so far?

Recent Bookings

My schedule has been a giant juggling act, so I truly surprised myself by making it through more books than anticipated. I wish I knew how this happened so I could repeat the results on purpose!

June – August Reading:

I feel especially motivated to keep up the pace and pile on the spooky books in October! Please, send all your favorite creepy Middle Grade recommendations.

What was your favorite read this September?

Little Things Are Important

It’s funny how often the small things end up making your day. Or, in this case, my entire month. Hooray for oral hygiene!

What small details made your month extra-special?

What’s the most interesting thing that happened for you this September?

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