October 2021 Recap

October 2021 Recap: Spooky Stories and Fairy Tale Endings

Spooky Season is a great reminder to loosen up and have some fun! I’ve loved having that rare bit of free time to pick up some for-fun projects, read mysteries, scout out my holiday shopping, and simply let myself recharge.

Color Me Nerdy

One of my favorite things to talk about is color theory. Not exactly a conversation you can casually have in public, so I turned some of my musings and trivia knowledge into a fun blog series this month!

What is your favorite color?

Readers Gonna Read

Upon updating my reading goals last month, I couldn’t help but notice how many spooky reads were stacking up. Cue personal challenge! How many spooky books could I fit in before the end of October?

October Reading:

What was your favorite read in October?

Like a Fairy Tale

After a soft hiatus over the last six months, I finally had the opportunity to create new products for my shop! Inspired by fairy tales, these pair-able designs look great together or on their own. You can get them on t-shirts, art prints, tote bags, and more from my online storefront!

What’s your favorite fairy tale?

What’s the most interesting thing that happened for you this October?

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