Top 10 Tote Bags for Readers

10 Must-Have Tote Bags for Readers: practical gifts for bookworms, librarians, writers, and other bookish folk.

Shopping for the readers in your life can be tough. Do you buy them another book? More bookmarks? A gift card for a book shop?

I’ve scrounged the internet for stylish tote bags that would make readers of any genre swoon. So, if you’re shopping for a friend or need something for your next trip to the library, check out these enticing options.

1. Women Readers Tote from Mia Valdez

This artful print is too pretty to leave in the car! Gift to your book club friends or use it as alternative (and practical!) wrapping for gifts to bookish girls who are a little challenging to shop for.

2. Armed with Knowledge Tote from Martina Scott

For those who are always reading multiple books at once and love a good pun. The nautical style serves as an amazing icebreaker at the library or local bookshop.

3. Wordie Tote from Merriam Webster

True word nerds will appreciate an accessory that advertises their superior grasp of the English language. Give this one to your Scrabble nemesis or educator friends!

4. Read or Die Tote from Jubly-Umph

Don’t underestimate us! Readers have grieved many a fictional hero’s death, outwitted more than a few villains, and were thoroughly shook by several plot twists.

5. Once Upon a Time Tote from BumbleBess

Every reader knows, the best stories start with Once Upon a Time! This bag can easily be paired with the Happily Ever After design for a paired gift to share with your bestie, or soul mate, or favorite sibling.

6. Bookmarks Are for Quitters Tote from Marie Funseth

This beautiful artsy design is just the thing to bring to a favorite coffee shop for some Uninterrupted Reading Time. It’s also available in magenta if that’s more your style.

7. Ignoring Life Tote from Dark Ethereal Forest

If you’re used to reading in the corner at every event, this tote is not only beautiful to bring along, but will keep those pesky people from trying to read over your shoulder or ask silly questions about the premise.

8. Library in Wonderland from Taylor Ross

These funny kitten-packed designs are available for a variety of fandoms. I’m a big fan of this Alice in Wonderland inspired shelfie, featuring a tardy rabbit, the Mad Catter, and the grinning Cheshire himself.

9. Under Control Tote from Alphabet Bags

An amazing accessory for an on-the-go parent whose routine trips to and from the library come with a side of story time drama, lost library cards, and a few personal books getting “returned” by mistake. Hey. You’re doing just fine.

10. Queen of Books Tote from Out of Print

For those who enjoy quiet pastime activities, this playing card-inspired design is an amazing thing to bring to all your social clubs. Bridge, book, and everything in between.

Please note: All product photographs and images have been taken from the seller’s websites.

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