March & April 2022 Recap

2022 Recap: March & April | Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.
In case you missed it, an easy digest of Elza’s recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights!
2022 Recap: March & April | Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.

Catch up on what I’ve been busy with this March & April, including:

Recent Blogging

Pathetic Heroes and Why it Works: why we love main charactes who aren't traditionally heroic.

Why do we love fictional heroes who don’t seem that heroic? I share a few characteristics that make this archetype so beloved.

10 Must-Have Tote Bags for Readers: practical gifts for bookworms, librarians, writers, and other bookish folk.

What do you buy for the reader who has everything? I’ve done a little virtual shopping to help you select the best gift for your bookish friend.

Social Activity

Being a creative person online can be really challenging. We’re given a lot of advice on how to make ends meet, get the opportunities we want, and how to succeed right from the starting line. I did a short thread related to the concept of “manifesting” (specifically, the idea of publicly asking for opportunities you’d be interested in) after seeing a few of those attempts dead end.

Favorite Things

  • One of my more recent purchases included this cool fidget roller. It’s sturdy and helps me stretch my hands after a long day of designing or typing.
  • Middle Grade Carousel has added daily icebreakers on Twitter related to the month’s themed reading challenge. This is another fun way to find new books and interact with fellow readers. Want to know more? Find out what we’re doing in May.
  • I was gifted a new little watering can, and it makes caring for my houseplants that much more fun. The little things sure make a difference!

Reading Updates

My success with the previous Middle Grade Book Bingo challenge inspired me to try a little harder over March and April to fit more audiobooks and reading breaks into my routine. I’m so pleased to have fit some books I’ve been meaning to read for ages, as well as a brand-new release or two.

Elza's final Book Bingo card for Middle Grade Carousel's March & April 2022 reading challenge.

Middle Grade Book Bingo Reads:

Also read during March & April 2022:

  • Takedown by Laura Shovan (halfway through)

Shop News

My hand-lettered designs are on sale at TeePublic! Visit to sign up for email updates to catch all the latest deals, new releases, and more!

Mockup features the AS YOU WISH hand-lettered design on a black t-shirt.

What’s Next

Middle Grade Carousel is hosting the annual #BookADayMay reading challenge and I’m so excited to double my year’s reading with loads of graphic novels, Lower MG titles, audiobooks, and some classic KidLit titles I’ve never read before. Learn how you can participate, too!

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