May & June 2022 Recap

2022 Recap: May & June: Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.
In case you missed it, an easy digest of Elza’s recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights!
2022 Recap: May & June: Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.

Catch up on what I’ve been busy with this May & June, including:

Recent Blogging

Enemies to Friends and Why it Works: why we love to see opposing characters form unexpected relationships.

I shared some insights into the undying popularity of the “enemies to friends” trope! This dynamic shows up a lot in fiction, and never seems to wear out its welcome. How does it keep delivering all the feels? Let’s dive into it and find out.

5 Well-Written Kid's TV Characters: a kidlit writer's study of character development in children's media

Writing advice and craft books often give us samples from adult books, which is challenging if you’re writing for younger audiences. I found some fun, age-appropriate examples of fantastic writing in kid’s media.

Social Activity

I always look forward to participating in Book a Day May. This year I was able to stay on track AND read some amazing books I’ve been looking forward to getting around to for a long time.

Favorite Things

  • I see a lot of motivational / mental health related info graphics and quotes across my feed on the daily. This one from Sarah Arnold-Hall found me at just the right time, and I reference back to it now and then as a little self-care Note To Self.
  • My Kickstarter order from Abi Stevens arrived at last! I’m in love with everything Abi creates, as it’s always related to disability rep, self-care, and having pride in your identity. If you’re into weapons, bright colors, and activism these designs are totally for you.
  • The second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy released on audio in July! I’m so excited, y’all. This series is one of my comfort reads, and having it available as an audiobook makes it easier than ever to slip into a familiar favorite.

Reading Updates

What I love about participating in Book a Day May—it helps push my overall reading stats for the year ever-higher! I was so proud to complete the challenge while also working through some books I’ve been wishing and waiting to read for a long time. It felt like the ultimate win-win.

Elza's completed Book a Day May calendar graphic.
Elza's completed bingo card for the Middle Grade Book Bingo challenge at Middle Grade Carousel.

Middle Grade Carousel’s Summer Reading Bingo challenge is another staple. Despite a busy schedule, I did manage to earn myself a BINGO by the end of the June!

Middle Grade Book Bingo Reads:

Also read during May & June 2022:

Shop News

ICYMI: I sell my personal designs over at They’re often based on hand lettering projects, humorous sayings, or things I simply find amusing. If you share my love of bookish references, interesting words, or niche fandoms that don’t get enough love in pop culture, maybe my shop will have something just right for you!

Mockup of a black t-shirt featuring the "Not Unlike a Simile" design from


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