July & August 2022 Recap

2022 Recap: July & August: Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.
In case you missed it, an easy digest of Elza’s recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights!
2022 Recap: July & August: Elza's recent reads, latest news, and favorite blogging highlights.

Catch up on what I’ve been busy with this July & August, including:

Recent Blogging

The Creative's Guide to Taking a Break: striking the balance between work and home when you work from home.

Work-from-home creatives often struggle to distinguish our work and home life. To help create some realistic boundaries and enjoy that mythical “balanced lifestyle”, I’ve shared a few strategies that have been truly useful as a recovering workaholic.

Mean Girls and Why It Works: why the mean girls trope is still relavant in today's fiction.

I wandered into controversial territory with a blog post highlighting the lovable aspects of a not-so-lovable archetype. The Mean Girl is a literary figure who adds so much to the stories they appear in, even if you’re not a fan of their go-to method.

Social Activity

With autumn releases on the horizon, I’ve been populating my Middle Grade Authors list on Twitter with new-to-me and debut authors alike. It feels a bit like fall cleaning, but make it books? If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the list to keep up with all that bookish news from the 500+ (and growing!) authors added so far.

Favorite Things

  • I recently came across the artist Leviticus Rott on Twitter, who has been working on a series of illustrations inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events. Seeing new updates on my feed recently has been a real mood lift.
  • A recent gathering opened up some time to play board games, which reminded me how much I love Sagrada! If you like pretty colors, low-strategy gameplay, and dice, this is a great game to add to your collection.

Reading Updates

Middle Grade Carousel’s July and August Summer Reading Bingo challenges kept me turning pages through a very ambitious summer schedule, and I’m very pleased to have crossed the 80-book mark for the year so far!

Middle Grade Book Bingo Reads:

Shop News

Check out my shop, BumbleBess.com, for hand-lettered designs inspired by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator! The MBTI system was designed by a mother-daughter duo who wanted to better understand the people and personalities around them. It was used in the US when women entered the workforce during World War II as a way to place them in jobs they’d be best-suited for. More fascinating info about the MBTI system—and my hand-lettered designs can be found here.

Mockup of a black tote bag featuring the "INTJ" design from BumbleBess.com's Myers-Briggs inspired designs.

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