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IMG_5803-editssmall.pngElza Kinde is a designer of graphics, writer of fiction, editor of manuscripts, and maker of bad puns. She believes that an imagination is something that should be cultivated through books & comics, arts & crafts, and trial & error. She has not yet been published because she is also a procrastinator.

Elza inherited a large vocabulary and love for written word from her parents; a pastor who teaches Biblical Greek and Hebrew, and an prolific author of fantastical childrens books. Elza explores the world of paper and ink through not only books, but handlettering, silly doodles, snail mail, and whatever else captures her imagination for an afternoon.

In addition to reading and making things, Elza enjoys adding to her collections of sassy t-shirts and boots, spending too much time on Pinterest, and dreaming up silly details for stories that don’t have plots yet.

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American Christian Fiction Writers
since 2016

San Diego Christian Writers Guild
since 2016



What does your name mean?

Elza is not my real name, in fact I usually prefer to go by my full name, Elizabeth. Even as a toddler. I just had a little trouble saying it. According to one very popular “Embarassing Mom Story”, during a trip to the grocery store, an elderly gentleman asked me what my name was and I answered “Elza-bozza-bess” much to his confusion. So here I am now, many years later, Elza.


Collaborative Works.

The family that writes together…

When writers get together, weird things happen. When that other writer is your mom, things get really weird. In a good way. Which is why we occasionally put our heads together and write collaborative works. Two brains, one book, lots of fun.

Want to know more? We’re not at liberty to share details, but if you’re a Pinner, you might enjoy our Dual Duel Pinterest board.

I also help with the research and editing for Mom’s Byways Books, which means I know a whole lot about the United States of America!