Meet Elza

Selfie of Elza. Her bright blue hair is worn loose, and reflects the colors of the books on the shelf in the background. She wears circular purple sunglasses and looks a little smug.

Elza Kinde is a designer of graphics, reader of Middle Grade fiction, collector of words, and maker of bad puns. She believes an imagination is something that should be cultivated through books & comics, arts & crafts, and trial & error.

Elza loves to create and is always looking for new ways to add color and humor to the world. Her current avenues include visual design, hand lettering, and illustration. Her more successful designs have been turned into cool merch like t-shirts and book totes, which you can find at

Middle Grade Carousel

Elza is one half of a dynamic duo with her mom, CJ. They co-blog at Middle Grade Carousel, where they host monthly reading challenges and games for Middle Grade readers of all ages.


Elza is not my real name. In fact, I usually prefer to go by my full name, Elizabeth. Apparently, this preference was cemented since toddler-hood. According to one very popular “Embarrassing Mom Story”, during a trip to the grocery store, an elderly gentleman asked my name and I answered “Elza-bozza-bess” much to his confusion. So here I am now, many years later, Elza.

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