10 Gifts for Jane Austen Fans

From the swoon-worthy hate-to-love romance of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet to the oblivious matchmaking hijinks of Miss Emma Woodhouse, it’s not really a surprise that Jane Austen remains an influence and inspiration for modern readers, writers, and game creators.

10 Gifts for Jane Austen Fans

If you find yourself shopping for a fan, have no fear! Today, I’m sharing some amazing Jane Austen inspired products that any Janite would love to receive!

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My Top 5 Favorite TV Tropes from Sitcoms

Thanks to certain streaming services and the awesomeness that is working from home, I watch a fair amount of TV. As with any brand of storytelling, there are certain patterns that begin to emerge as you become familiar with a certain genre or medium. In TV, these are called tropes.

My Top 5 Favorite TV Tropes from Sitcoms

While some have definitely gone the way of the cliché, tropes are just another tool used by TV writers to help make episodes interesting and appealing to viewers like us. Today, I’m sharing a few of my very favorites from comedies or sitcoms.

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10 Books I Can’t Stop Recommending

If you know just one reader, you probably already know that we can’t help ourselves from bringing books into every conversation. Because stuff reminds us of what we’ve read. And what we’ve read is awesome. And everyone should be able to experience that awesomeness for themselves. Thus, the never-ending book recommendations. Sorry, not sorry.

10 Books I Can't Stop Recommending

For today, I’ll be sharing some of the books (I’m limiting myself to 10) that I CAN’T stop recommending. Please, if you like me even a little bit, read these books. And then come back and tell me so we can have a nice chat.

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