Quote of the Day – The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

Quote of the Day

“Okay,” I said, putting up my hands. “Let’s all just take it easy. I’ll go peacefully. No need for alarms. I’m too bookish for prison!”

The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole by Michelle Cuevas


Quote of the Day – The Dastardly Deed

Quote of the Day

Inquisitive and fun-loving Reader: if granted the opportunity to prowl a phantasmagorical underground palace, what would you do first? Would you play hide-and-seek in the armory? Frolic through the painting galleries? Plant your derriere on the throne and issue pretend decrees to invisible courtiers? Or, like Oliver Drybread, would you insist upon touring the castle kitchens?

The Dastardly Deed by Holly Grant


Quote of the Day – Justin Case

Quote of the Day

When I came home, I found Qwerty whining in the front hall. He was sad because Mom started taking him to Obedience School today. She told me, right in front of Qwerty, that he is the worst dog in the whole class.

Justin Case: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom by Rachel Vail


If you’re looking for something to do in wake of canceled costume parties and treatless doorsteps, I present you with a bookish alternative.

Read if You Dare: A Bookish Halloween Party. Saturday, October 31 from 6PM-Midnight (PST).

Read if You Dare

Saturday, October 31 | 6PM-Midnight (PST)

This open house style event will be hosted via Twitter. I’ve got lots of fun & games prepared so fellow bookworms and bloggers can mingle, talk about the books we love, and and maybe fit in a little extra reading before the month is over!

If you’re not a fan of horror, no worries! Pick whatever you like to read. You’re still welcome.

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Quote of the Day – Mulrox and the Malcognitos

Quote of the Day

Great-aunts to not make good houseguests. Neither do ogres. Unfortunately for Mulrox, Great-Aunt Griselda was both.

Mulrox and the Malcognitos by Kerelyn Smith

Quote of the Day – The House with Chicken Legs

Quote of the Day

My house has chicken legs. Two or three times a year, without warning, it stands up in the middle of the night and walks away from where we’ve been living.

The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson


Quote of the Day – Holes

Quote of the Day

He smiled. It was a family joke. Whenever anything went wrong, they always blamed Stanley’s no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.

Holes by Louis Sachar

The Beginner’s Guide to a Good Book

In case you weren’t aware, books are not the olden day equivalent of television. Books are an artform all their own. Find the right one and you might find yourself in the shoes of a stranger or exploring impossible worlds. Maybe engrossed in the perfect escape. Or, perhaps, learning something new and exciting about yourself.

The Beginner's Guide to a Good Book

Although our qualifications may differ, I think we’re all looking for a book that’s memorable, and wonderful, and maybe a little bit magical. Today I’m going to share some qualities I think are essential in a good book, regardless of personal preference.

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Places to Be If You Read MG

I am always looking out for the places and people to add to my own little community of middle grade bookworms. There’s nothing better than swooning over beautiful covers, becoming an author’s newest fan, and comparing thoughts with a friend on a book you can’t stop thinking about.

Places to Be if You Read Middle Grade

I know sometimes finding your place online is tough, so I’m here to help with a list of my favorite places to go for a daily dose of bookish fun. If your niche is the same as mine, I hope to see you around!

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The Beginner’s Guide to Reading Indie

I hope you’re in the mood to read, because it’s #IndieApril season! Yes, I see that tippy tower of books you were planning to tackle in the near future, but there’s always room for more books, am I right?

The Beginner's Guide to Reading Indie

#IndieApril is all about promoting independent authors. These trailblazers go above and beyond the already challenging task of penning a novel—they also take on the full responsibility of editing, formatting, packaging, marketing, and all that other behind-the-scenes business stuff that goes into a glamorous modern writing career. Impressive, no?

Places like Etsy and Kickstarter have gotten us acclimated to accepting creators who make their own path toward success. The world is catching on that the future is highly independent, and support for solo ventures and small businesses is on the rise.

Feeling ready to dive in and try reading something less traditional? Here are a few tips to guide you on your quest to discover excellent indie books.

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