Show & Tell – Lettering


Being brave is hard. Trying new things is hard. Knowing that I’m failing is hard. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, more often than not, nobody notices until I point it out myself. Instead of pointing out your own flaws, try to see yourself from someone else’s point of view. See the you that’s being brave. See the you that’s stretching your limits. See the you that’s tackling the challenge head-on. If you pretend you’re as ______ as you want to be, you can become it.

Question of the Day: Are you trying something new this year? What is your greatest struggle?


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Show & Tell – Lettering


Our imagination takes us to wild and crazy places, introduces us to new ideas, and creates people, conversations, and maybe even entire worlds. But getting those from daydreams to words on paper is sometimes a little more difficult. Cultivating a good habit of writing, reading well-written books, and letting trusted friends read your work and critique it are some of the easiest ways to learn and grow so that the stories in your head can someday be books in someone’s hands.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite piece of writing advice?


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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


2 days ’til Christmas!

We have things going on all December long. Lunches with friends, white elephant exchanges, elegant parties, and hanging at the mall. But none of that really compares to the anticipation for Christmas Day. Are the gifts a factor? Maybe. But I think the real reason we love December 25 is because we all know it’s something special. Not ‘big tree at the mall’ special, or ‘cool mystery gift’ special. Not even ‘family time’ special. If that were the case, would Christmas last over the years, decades, and centuries? We look to Christmas Day because we know that it’s not just special. It’s set apart. Unlike anything else we’ll ever know. Because it’s a day when something impossible happened. And I’m not talking ‘fat man gets across the globe in one night’ impossible. I’m talking about a for-real Christmas Miracle. Do you know the one I mean?

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Christmas Day tradition?


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