Readers, Writers, Bloggers, and Other Bookish People

At first glance, the book world might seem simple: a group of people who like to read. Upon closer inspection, however, there are so many communities, clubs, sites, and sources out there to choose from. If you’re new to the scene and want to find likeminded readers, it can be challenging to find your niche.

Readers, Writers, Bloggers, and Other Bookish People

It can feel impossible to weed through your options, but don’t let the variety intimidate you! These seemingly never-ending choices will actually make it easier to narrow it down, see the content you want on your feed, and maybe make some friends.

I’ve broken down some of the types of people you’ll see in bookish places of the internet into basic categories to help you find exactly what you crave.

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10 Books I Want to Read in 2021

10 Middle Grade Books I Want to Read in 2021

Challenges have been my go-to resource for getting through my massive To-Read Pile. I’ve relied on Goodreads’s annual reading challenge for several years to help track my progress, and while I love the handy counters and end-of-the-year statistics, picking a reasonable goal has always been a sticking point.

This year, I’ve decided to use tools that I know work for me — lists and colorful graphics! I’ll be setting my Goodreads goal for 10 books. When I finish those, I’ll bump it up to 20. Upon completing that, I’ll set the goal to 30. And so on, until we reach the end of the year.

In the spirit of trying new things, I’ve also decided to create a reading list to work from. Ideally, I’ll be getting through these and posting a brand new set around the same time I bump my Goodreads goal up to 20… but we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s always got to be mystery with us mood-based readers.

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5 Ways Blogging is Helpful for Writers

To blog, or not to blog? It’s not just a question, it’s a constant debate within the writing community. Is blogging a useful way to build a platform, or a waste of valuable writing time? A relevant resource, or just another soap box? A genuine way to connect with readers, or a lost glimmer in the galaxy of content?

There’s no easy answer. While it’s true, blogging isn’t the trendiest or most-accessible platform, it’s one that makes a lot of sense for writers. And while it does take time and creative energy away from your newest manuscript, the modern writing career is more than first drafts and bookstore appearances.

What we miss in all this debate is the chance to discuss is how blogging can benefit writers outside of stats and marketing potential. While blogging may not be your fast track to viral fame and bestseller status, there are other things that make the experience worthwhile.

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