10 Things I Want for Christmas in 2021

10 Things I Want for Christmas: Elza's 2021 Wish List

I’m getting my holiday spirit on this week with a collection of indie items I’d be thrilled to receive for Christmas. I hope this collection inspires you to search local, buy small, and give the gift of supporting an independent business this year over the holidays!

10 Things I Want for Christmas: Elza's 2021 Wish List

Pro tip: when ordering from overseas or independent businesses, it’s best to plan ahead and purchase your gifts before December!

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December 2020 Recap

December is my month of preparation. Everything lingering on the To Do list gets reassessed, rescheduled, or tossed into the reject pile, leaving me with a clean slate and a shiny new set of goals for the new year. I also take some time to reflect on accomplishments, using that as fuel to take on fresh challenges. And I celebrate, because what’s the point if you can’t kick back, have some sweets, and splurge on gifts for the people you love once in a while?

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10 Things I Want for Christmas

It’s that special time of year when gift guides and wish lists start to appear. There are tons of awesome ideas for bookish besties, resident activists, or bakers in training beginning to circulate the internet.

10 Things I Want for Christmas: Elza's 2020 Wish List

Much as I enjoy the challenge of finding amazing gifts for other people, I felt inspired to create something more personal this year. Instead of listing gifts by interests or categories, I decided to share ten amazing items I’d be thrilled to receive.

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The Giver’s Guide to Gift Shopping

Gift giving is one of my talents. Any gift-centric holiday or event that requires shopping is automatically a favorite of mine. But maybe you don’t share my enthusiasm for Secret Santa exchanges and workplace White Elephants.

If finding the perfect present is stressing you out, I’m here to help with a few ideas, some tried and true methods, and a sprinkle of sage advice.

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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


Merry Christmas!

Best wishes to you and your family as we reach the end of another year. It’s been fun sharing holiday stories and trading Christmas traditions with you again this year.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite gift that you got this Christmas?


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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


2 days ’til Christmas!

We have things going on all December long. Lunches with friends, white elephant exchanges, elegant parties, and hanging at the mall. But none of that really compares to the anticipation for Christmas Day. Are the gifts a factor? Maybe. But I think the real reason we love December 25 is because we all know it’s something special. Not ‘big tree at the mall’ special, or ‘cool mystery gift’ special. Not even ‘family time’ special. If that were the case, would Christmas last over the years, decades, and centuries? We look to Christmas Day because we know that it’s not just special. It’s set apart. Unlike anything else we’ll ever know. Because it’s a day when something impossible happened. And I’m not talking ‘fat man gets across the globe in one night’ impossible. I’m talking about a for-real Christmas Miracle. Do you know the one I mean?

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Christmas Day tradition?


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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


3 days until Christmas!

Christmas crafts are probably the most fun. I love putting together cute cards for friends and family, designing invitations for Christmas parties, scanning in my hand lettered phrases and Bible verses, and doodling reindeer or little elf shoes on scraps of paper or opened envelopes. There’s something about Christmastime that gets those creative juices flowing!

Question of the Day: What creative and Christmassy things have you been making?

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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


4 days until Christmas!

December seems to go about a million times faster than any other month. Decemberzip—Christmas—woosh—It’s a new year! Enjoy it. Make the moments last. Take a few pictures, but look up from that phone now and then and just drink it in for yourself. In person. Because the memories will mean a lot more than the pictures. And stuff might seem to be going too fast right now, but we’re going to remember it like it lasted forever.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

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Show & Tell – Christmas Countdown


5 days until Christmas!

Coming from a family of music lovers, nothing brings in the season like switching to all the Christmas shuffles, pulling out beloved albums from favorite artists, and rediscovering songs that we haven’t heard in (at least) a year. This year, I bumped into Holly Jolly Christmas for the first time in ages. I sang all the words to Silent Night without needing a lyric sheet. I tried to belt out the really high part of that classic song we all know well. And failed. Feels like Christmas to me!

Question of the Day: What makes December feel like Christmas for you?


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