SDCWG Conference Afterglow – Creating Characters, Not Bios

During the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Fall Conference, I attended a workshop held by Susan Meissner called “Writing The Novel Readers Can’t Put Down.” And while all of the advice she shared was solid, I found her tips on creating layered and lovable characters was especially thought-provoking.

A relatable character is the first step to any great story. If we feel a connection to the protagonist, we’re far more likely to care what happens to them. You can have action, suspense, and drama, but if I don’t care about the protagonist, there’s no tension pulling me in and making me wonder what will happen next.

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Sharing – ACFW Conference 2016


I’ve finally begun to unpack all of the swag I accumulated during our week in Nashville, TN for the ACFW Conference. I collected everything from quotes and business cards, to books and an accidentally stolen pen… sorry! My favorite takeaway? Perhaps it’s just because I’m a newbie, but the name badge with its colored ribbons and practical zipper pouch at the top made my day.

So, how about you? What were your favorite takeaways from the conference?

ACFW 2016 Afterglow – Kung Fu Panda is a Sermon

ACFW Conference, 2016

During the ACFW Conference this year, I attended a workshop taught by James L. Rubart on innovation.  As a graphic designer, the most important thing about my career is innovation in a visual sense. But how can I bring that same innovation to my writing?

Innovation is defined as acting out or implementing an idea. Of course, there’s nothing like telling someone “just be creative” (writer’s block, anyone?). Thankfully, Mr. Rubart shared some ways to help us discover our unique creativity: Continue reading “ACFW 2016 Afterglow – Kung Fu Panda is a Sermon”