10 Gifts for Your D&D Party

You’ve survived the highest of stakes to the lowest of die rolls with your tabletop teammates, and this is the perfect time of year to show them a little extra love.

10 Gift Ideas for Your D&D Party

Unsure where to find fine fantasy fare? Looking for a worthy bribe for the DM? Got stuck shopping for your nerdy nephew in this year’s gift exchange? Allow me to show you some merchandise that might fit the bill.

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Show & Tell – High Roller

D&D themed enamel pin

Every now and then I like to push my own comfort zone a little. Just to see what happens. It’s amazing how often these odd impulses lead to cool things. Like hilarious (and only slightly embarrassing) stories, discovering a new favorite restaurant, and–on rare occasions–finding a new friend. Adventure is always an option if you’re looking for it.

Where do you go to get your dose of adventure?