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Quote of the Day – The Magic Misfits

Quote of the Day

For a moment, Carter thought he was imagining things. People dressed as clowns began to hop out of the tiny red car, one after another, until a dozen different-shaped men and women were huddled in a tight group of polka dots and stripes, staring toward a lone black train car parked on its own track.

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Book Review – Diary of a Mad Brownie

Coville, Bruce - Diary of a Mad Brownie Angus Cairns is cursed to serve the McGonagall family as a household brownie (a magical person in charge of cleaning), a job he takes very seriously. Unfortunately, the next family in line lives in the United States. Packing up and leaving Scotland is hard enough, but being bound to tidy up after the world’s messiest girl? It’s almost more than Angus can take.

This is not the life for a brownie! I am supposed to be inside, keeping things tidy, not having an adventure!

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