Quote of the Day – NaNoWriMotivation

Always move forward. Shelumiel liked to tell her that. He would look at her and say: “When you find yourself up against a strong force, always move forward. Never Stop. Something will have to give, and you know it won’t be you.”

–Flames of Courage by Hannah Heath

For Writers – Using Lists To Win NaNoWriMo


Lists are awesome. They keep us organized, they’re great for reminders, and they get stuff To Done. But putting together a list isn’t the same as writing, is it? Well, everyone’s process is a little different, but I would argue that lists are one of the best (and easiest) tools for a writer to utilize.

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For Writers – Balancing NaNoWriMo and Your Other Hobbies


I love NaNoWriMo. Having a goal, a deadline, and a sense of community with other participants is a great feeling. But NaNoWriMo can become an all-consuming beast, and that’s not a healthy state for creatives.

Instead of letting NaNoWriMo become your one and only priority this November, here are some ways to make time for your other hobbies and still hit your writing goals.


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For Writers – 5 Non-Conventional Ways to Use NaNoWriMo


We’re halfway to November and here comes the NaNoWriMo peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it, so maybe you’re feeling obliged to give it a go, even though you find the concept of writing 50,000 words in a single month absolutely terrifying.

While many writers find energy and inspiration from the thrill of a worthy challenge, this isn’t the route for everyone.


NaNoWriMo is still a fantastic tool for writers, regardless of how you use it! Here are some non-conventional ways you can repurpose NaNoWriMo for your own, more manageable, writing goals.


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