Quote of the Day – Jake Drake, Know-It-All

Deciding what to do for a science fair is hard. It’s hard because what you really have to do is choose what not to do. Because you could do anything. You could do millions of different things. Except you can only do one thing. So after you choose all the stuff not to do, then you look at what’s left over. And that’s what you do.

–Jake Drake, Know-It-All by Andrew Clements

Quote of the Day – The Dastardly Deed

They used a compass and all kinds of fancy golden gadgets to make sure they were on course, but Baldwin’s favorite method, as Anastasia would learn over the next few nights, was the stars.

–The League of Beastly Dreadfuls 2: The Dastardly Deed by Holly Grant

Quote of the Day – Baker’s Magic

He took great pleasure in teasing her; he’d decided that Bee was no name for a person, and that it must just be the first letter of her real name. So every time he came in, he addressed her by a new and awful name that started with B.

–Baker’s Magic by Diane Zahler