Book Review – Feathers

Woodson, Jacqueline - FeathersThe winter of 1971 is a season of changes and growing pains for Frannie Wright-Barnes. Everything becomes complicated when a white boy transfers to her class, bringing in his wake a series of questions about hope, belonging, what she really believes in.

And then, just before the lunch bell rang, he walked into the classroom. Stepped through that door white and softly as the snow.

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Quote of the Day – Everything on a Waffle

Miss Bowzer owned and operated the restaurant. She dragged a stool up to the stove for me, continued smoking and making waffles, and listened to my tale of woe. She made about a million waffles while I sat there. She had to make about a million every day because at The Girl on the Red Swing they served everything on a waffle. Not just the kind of food that went with waffles—not just ham and eggs on a waffle or strawberries on a waffle. No, at The Girl on the Red Swing if you ordered a steak it came on a waffle, if you ordered fish and chips it came on a waffle, if you ordered waffles they came on a waffle.

–Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath

Quote of the Day – Feathers

Ms. Johnson said the only way you can deposit a word in your bank is by committing it to memory. I hadn’t deposited surreal. I guess I must have spent it somewhere.

–Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson

Favorite Fiction – Big Mushy Happy Lump


Sarah’s Scribbles have quickly become my favorite thing ever. And you can read them online for free. Of course, you can’t pet the fuzzy sweater on the front cover unless you purchase the collection… perhaps it’s time to put this on the top of your Christmas Wish List…

What books are on your Wish List this year?

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Quote – Harrow by C. J. Milbrandt

Of all the Meadowsweet siblings, Tupper was the hardest to describe. He fit in well enough with his looks, for he bore a strong resemblance to their father; however, his personality had always been rather vague. Although no one would have gone so far as to call him weak, Tupper didn’t seem to have any strengths.

—Harrow by C. J. Milbrandt

Favorite Fiction – Harrow


Cooling weather always has me reaching for old favorites. Favorite pair of slipper socks. Favorite blends of tea. Favorite blankets. And best of all, favorite books! C. J. Milbrandt’s Galleries of Stone trilogy is a cozy combination of fantasy and slice of life that I find perfectly suited for an autumnal afternoon.

What’s your favorite autumn re-read?


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