Bad Writer Confessions

Bad Writer Confessions: Habits I'm Guilty of Ignoring

When it comes to writing, the only limitation is our imagination. As long as we’re dreaming big and writing from the heart, nothing can stop us. At least, in theory. As it turns out, no-holds-barred writing is terrifying. Without rules, how are we supposed to know if our stories are any good?

Bad Writer Confessions: Habits I'm Guilty of Ignoring

By surrounding ourselves with research, mentors, books, and a community of peers, storytelling patterns and writerly behaviors become easier to understand. But, just as the similarities lend comfort, comparison can make us feel bad for not working, or thinking, or scheduling the same as “everybody else”. Today, I’m coming clean and confessing a few of the things I don’t do even though I’m a writer.

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Pros of Starting a Blog

I saw a lot of conversation against blogging around the time I started mine. Podcasts and vlogs were beginning to overthrow the humble blog in terms of activity and general interest. Blogging was to be considered passé. Despite this resounding death knell, I got up my nerve, collected the smattering of harebrained plans, pipedreams, and vague inspiration from my notebooks, and signed up for a WordPress account without any real plan on how I’d use it.

Call me contrary, but I’ve found blogging to be hugely rewarding. Today, I thought I’d share some pros of venturing into the blogosphere, based on my experience.

Whether you’re new to the blog scene, looking to revitalize an old one, or simply need some inspiration to keep it up, I hope this post encourages your inner blogger.

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Show & Tell – WriteOnCon

Write On lettering by Elza Kinde

I’m going to WriteOnCon! If you’ve never been before, WriteOnCon is an online writer’s conference designed specifically for KidLit writers. This year, it’s being held Friday, February 21 through Sunday the 23rd.

This is one of my favorite resources for inspiration, information, and encouragement in recent years. I always come away full of new ideas and fresh vigor for my writing projects.

Are you planning to be there? If so, what are you most looking forward to?