Establishing Your Visual Brand

I had the opportunity to write a guest blog post for Phoenix Fiction Writers. I don’t get to nerd out about graphic design very often, so I really cut loose and had fun with a topic that combines two of my passions: writing and good design!

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Visual branding samples by Elza Kinde for Anne Shirley of Green Gables Literary


My Top 5 Favorite TV Tropes from Sitcoms

Thanks to certain streaming services and the awesomeness that is working from home, I watch a fair amount of TV. As with any brand of storytelling, there are certain patterns that begin to emerge as you become familiar with a certain genre or medium. In TV, these are called tropes.

My Top 5 Favorite TV Tropes from Sitcoms

While some have definitely gone the way of the cliché, tropes are just another tool used by TV writers to help make episodes interesting and appealing to viewers like us. Today, I’m sharing a few of my very favorites from comedies or sitcoms.

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7 Steps for Surviving Creative Block

There are people who claim that creative block is nothing more than an illusion devised by the mind. Pushing through and trying anyway yields a surprising and productive result. This is true. We can create even when the whim doesn’t strike us. We can do good work even when we’d rather not do any at all. This is an incredibly human trait. It’s how we survive Mondays.


That being said, I do believe in creative block. True creative block isn’t about lack of motivation or unwillingness to put forth effort. There’s no muscling through or working around it. If you’re among those of us who occasionally suffer from this inexplicable inability to create, I’m here to share some of my personal insights.


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Pantser Appreciation

If you rebel against the kind of writing that requires planning ahead, plotting a course, and preparing each chapter and scene, you’re not alone. We are Pantsers; proud of our discoveries, unafraid of mistakes, and free to write whatever pops into our head.


As a fellow Pantser, I’ve collected some affirmations and insights that might help sharpen your understanding of our oft-eccentric creative process.

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