5 Things to Remember When You Have the Creative Blues

Creative people have a reputation for being free-spirited, individualistic, and openminded creatures who somehow spin intangible things like ideas and inspiration into epic novels, fine art, and musical masterpieces. It’s a lovely talent to have, but these right-brained leanings come with downsides that get us labeled as sensitive, inconsistent, or downright weird.

Opening up about our struggles can be hard. They can be challenging for non-creative people to grasp or sympathize with. They often tie directly to our vulnerability about our artistic abilities or worth. And sometimes we simply don’t have a way to unravel the complex tangle of emotions into a comprehendible sentence. The good news is, you’re not alone!

Today, I’m here to share five things to remember if you’re coming down with a case of creative blues, feeling a little blocked, struggling to feel excited about your creative projects, or in the midst of some serious burnout.

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