Fighting Off Creative FOMO

Fighting Off Creative FOMO

We love to joke about FOMO–but, in all honesty, the fear of missing out can be a crippling phobia. It affects our decision making, eats away at our creative confidence, and can cause us to make some truly regrettable decisions if we let it lure us off our path.

Fighting Off Creative FOMO

Today, I’m going to share a few ways that fear of missing out shows up and affects our creativity, in hopes that a little insight can help you avoid the pitfalls, excessive doubt, and what-ifs that keep you from doing what you do best.

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Guest Blog – Essential Reminders for Starting a Writing Career

Show & Tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe your mind has been craving to tell that story since you were a kid. Or perhaps, you’ve been writing on the sly for years, and feel ready to claim this as something you’re meant to do. Turning your passion for writing into a real career may seem like a pipedream. But, while the road may not be smooth, it is attainable.

So, where do you start?

Excerpt from my guest blog post Essential Reminders for Starting a Writing Career Featured at the Just Girl Project

Flashback Friday

"Don't let the thing you're most passionate about ruin your day. That's not fair." —Excerpt from 7 STEPS FOR SURVIVING CREATIVE BLOCK from
"Don't let the thing you're most passionate about ruin your day. That's not fair." —Excerpt from 7 STEPS FOR SURVIVING CREATIVE BLOCK from

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Bad Writer Confessions

Bad Writer Confessions: Habits I'm Guilty of Ignoring

When it comes to writing, the only limitation is our imagination. As long as we’re dreaming big and writing from the heart, nothing can stop us. At least, in theory. As it turns out, no-holds-barred writing is terrifying. Without rules, how are we supposed to know if our stories are any good?

Bad Writer Confessions: Habits I'm Guilty of Ignoring

By surrounding ourselves with research, mentors, books, and a community of peers, storytelling patterns and writerly behaviors become easier to understand. But, just as the similarities lend comfort, comparison can make us feel bad for not working, or thinking, or scheduling the same as “everybody else”. Today, I’m coming clean and confessing a few of the things I don’t do even though I’m a writer.

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5 Ways Blogging is Helpful for Writers

To blog, or not to blog? It’s not just a question, it’s a constant debate within the writing community. Is blogging a useful way to build a platform, or a waste of valuable writing time? A relevant resource, or just another soap box? A genuine way to connect with readers, or a lost glimmer in the galaxy of content?

There’s no easy answer. While it’s true, blogging isn’t the trendiest or most-accessible platform, it’s one that makes a lot of sense for writers. And while it does take time and creative energy away from your newest manuscript, the modern writing career is more than first drafts and bookstore appearances.

What we miss in all this debate is the chance to discuss is how blogging can benefit writers outside of stats and marketing potential. While blogging may not be your fast track to viral fame and bestseller status, there are other things that make the experience worthwhile.

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5 Things to Remember When You Have the Creative Blues

Creative people have a reputation for being free-spirited, individualistic, and openminded creatures who somehow spin intangible things like ideas and inspiration into epic novels, fine art, and musical masterpieces. It’s a lovely talent to have, but these right-brained leanings come with downsides that get us labeled as sensitive, inconsistent, or downright weird.

Opening up about our struggles can be hard. They can be challenging for non-creative people to grasp or sympathize with. They often tie directly to our vulnerability about our artistic abilities or worth. And sometimes we simply don’t have a way to unravel the complex tangle of emotions into a comprehendible sentence. The good news is, you’re not alone!

Today, I’m here to share five things to remember if you’re coming down with a case of creative blues, feeling a little blocked, struggling to feel excited about your creative projects, or in the midst of some serious burnout.

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