5 Well-Written Characters from Kid’s TV

5 Well-Written Kid's TV Characters: a kidlit writer's study of character development in children's media

When learning to write, having good examples of complex characters to study can be helpful. If you write children’s literature like me, you might get frustrated when all the examples in your workbooks and advice articles skew toward adult stories and themes.

Thankfully, there are plenty of well-written characters in kid’s media. Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorite TV characters when talking about character development in children’s storytelling.

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Enemies to Friends and Why it Works

Enemies to Friends and Why it Works: why we love to see opposing characters form unexpected relationships.

Everyone seems to love it when enemies are able to overcome their differences and form a friendship. They may bicker and beat each other up in the beginning, yet readers will confidently claim they’re destined for a happily ever after.

Today I’m highlighting a few reasons why Enemies to Friends keeps showing up in our favorite books.

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