Pathetic Heroes and Why it Works

Pathetic Heroes and Why it Works: why we love main charactes who aren't traditionally heroic.

Everyone seems to love a pathetic hero. They’re unlucky, unworthy, and usually go unnoticed in their fictional universe. However, as readers, we can’t help but fall for their awkward charm.

Today I’m highlighting a few reasons why the Pathetic Hero keeps showing up in our favorite books.

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Motivation Myths I’ve Stopped Believing

Motivation Myths I've Stopped Believing: 3 times 'motivation' was overrated, misunderstood, or just plain unnecessary.

After trying dozens of methods that claimed to help boost productive mojo, I came to the conclusion that motivation is my own personal Bigfoot. It may or may not be out there, but I probably won’t be gathering proof of its existence any time soon. In a sense, I’ve stopped believing.

Today I’ve collected some common myths and misconceptions about motivation for your consideration. Whether you’re a firm believer or a fellow skeptic, I hope they prove helpful as you venture ambitiously forward with your own projects and goals.

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Fighting Off Creative FOMO

Fighting Off Creative FOMO

We love to joke about FOMO–but, in all honesty, the fear of missing out can be a crippling phobia. It affects our decision making, eats away at our creative confidence, and can cause us to make some truly regrettable decisions if we let it lure us off our path.

Fighting Off Creative FOMO

Today, I’m going to share a few ways that fear of missing out shows up and affects our creativity, in hopes that a little insight can help you avoid the pitfalls, excessive doubt, and what-ifs that keep you from doing what you do best.

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